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This is a handy archive of interesting previous posts on Blogging the Dane.

Jann Kott, Brecht, and Rethinking the Plot Summary – in which I follow Brecht’s example of using a simple summary of the plot to articulate my take on the play

The Nunnery Scene – breaking it down, line-by-line

Characters – a section of posts, each analyzing one important character in the play

Staging – describing my process of blocking a scene

Scansion, Part One – all about iambic pentameter and what it means for actors

Scansion, Part Two – continuing from Part One, discussing the common variations Shakespeare uses and what they mean for actors

Defining and Defending the Main Action – exploring what might be the director’s most important tool

The Main Action and the Design Concept – my first attempt to articulate my plan for directing the play

Main Action and Theme – a slightly later stab at articulating the spine and central theme of this production of the play

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