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The Plan

January 30, 2006

Regular posts will start in March, after my production of Julius Caesar opens at UC Riverside. My plan is to write at least three or four posts per week as I am reading the script, breaking it down, and planning the production. Once design meetings start, and especially once rehearsals start, I’ll try to post once per day.



January 26, 2006

Updated the about page with a few paragraphs on what I hope this blog will be.

Getting Started

January 25, 2006

Just getting this blog set up — I’ll start posting here regularly as we get closer to the production of Hamlet that I’m directing this Spring. Check back in February.

In the meantime, I’m accepting suggestions for the title of this blog. “Blogging The Dane” sounds sort of… dirty.

Here are some other possibilities. Let me know what you think, or suggest your own:

Blogging Hamlet

Hamlet the Blog

Piece of Work

Melancholy Dane