getting tired

June 7, 2006

The plan this week has been to go back through each scene, working off book to review the staging and acting work we've done thus far and trying to take everything to the next level. Sometimes this means restaging scenes completely — the early scenes with Horatio and Marcellus, for example, were among the first things we staged and needed a lot of changes. Sometimes, especially for scenes late in the play, the actors aren't yet entirely off book and so we're using our time on those scenes mostly for review and to let all the work thus far sink in a little deeper. Some scenes are working great as they are. And some of the toughest scenes in the play are starting to open up.

My wife reminded me the other day that this is always the point in the process where I start to get stressed out, and even more so on shows that I think are going well (which is somewhat ironic, I suppose, but it makes sense in that the stakes are somehow higher this way). I haven't been sleeping well — which is very standard for me — and when I'm tired at rehearsal it's hard to bring my A game. Still, I'm having fun and I'm feeling very deeply engaged in the work. I have lots to write about, especially what's been happening lately with Ophelia, but I don't have the energy to get it all out. Soon.

In the meantime, here's the RSS feed for photos I'm taking during rehearsals, and here's the direct link.


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