last run before tech

June 16, 2006

Tonight was the last run-thru before tech week — which doesn’t start until a week from Monday, because Comedy of Errors opens in a week. In other words, we had a run tonight, then we don’t get the whole cast for ten days, then we open three days after that. It’s a little scary. In some ways, though, it’s the same drill as always: the show has to be there before tech begins.

And the show is there. I was talking to the actress playing Ophelia at the bar after rehearsal tonight (always the best place for casual notes), and she said she felt off in the run. I told her that the good news is that now she’s at a point where even when she feels off, she’s still hitting her marks and the story is getting told. That’s the best you can ask for before tech — anything better than that is gravy.

Here are some photos from the park. So beautiful.


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