About this blog

I directed a production of Hamlet at Shakespeare-by-the-Sea the summer of 2006.  In this blog, I documented my process as a director.  I’m still posting about at least once a week, finishing up getting my thoughts about the play out into the internet theatrosphere.

Here’s what I wrote when I started this blog:

I’m directing a production of Hamlet at Shakespeare-by-the-Sea this Spring (2006). It’s an outdoor production that will tour to parks around southern California this Summer. This isn’t a big-budget, star-studded extravaganza, but I’m hoping it will be a solid production that delivers Shakespeare’s masterpiece with specificity, passion, and grace.

This blog is a document of my process as a director; its purpose is primarily to share the experience of working on a great play with anyone who might be interested. I will be linking to and from my online portfolio, because I’m always asked in job interviews to explain my process as a director. But I’m also hoping that by opening up my process I’ll be starting conversations about how directors work, about Shakespeare and Hamlet, and about theatre in general.

I expect that most of the posts will start with something I’m working on — a difficult line of text, a design challenge, working with an actor — and then move to an underlying idea about Shakespeare or about the process of directing. I’m still only a few years out of grad school, so a lot of the techniques I learned there are still banging around inside my head.

One thing that I won’t be posting in this blog is gossip about any of the people I’m working with. I will use examples from rehearsals and production meetings to talk about the types of challenges that come up in directing a play, but I won’t name names or use this blog to complain about anything. If you’re looking for backstage drama, you won’t find it here.

I hope that you will participate by posting comments; the best possible result from this blog would be a lively discussion with other people interested in directing Shakespeare. Thanks so much. And come see the show!


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  1. […] Updated the about page with a few paragraphs on what I hope this blog will be. […]

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